I’m not Dead

It has been forever since I posted anything up at all. Time flies!

I thought I would just post a quick update just now, just to let everyone know that I have not abandoned this page. Life got in the way for a while, and since I’m currently neither a stripper nor hijabi, I felt as though my thoughts weren’t so relevant here anymore.

I’ve gotten over that and will be posting a proper update soon enough.


Thanks all for reading my posts x


3 responses to “I’m not Dead

  1. Hey,

    So I’ve had this burning question about your experiences dancing. When you were performing a private dance – did that involve you having any physical contact with the client (i.e grinding)? Or was there strictly no contact?


    • Hi John, the club I worked for was a fairly relaxed one and allowed forms of physical contact which didn’t break the law. I hear clubs in the U.K. are generally more so than in the U.S., where many are topless only and no contact. We were expected to go fully nude, although not all of us did so. Physical contact was also fine, with restrictions. As in, we could touch the customers, but the customers were required to have their hands behind their back so that they would behave.


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